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  • 2023-11-27
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Google AppEngine Exceeded hard memory limit of

Have you seen these error messages before? 10:22:23.481686Z Exceeded hard memory limit of 384 MiB with 400 MiB after servicing 3 requests total. Consider setting a larger instance class in app.yaml. 10:18:23.473577Z Exceeded hard memory limit of 384 MiB with 393 MiB after …

  • 2020-01-15
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Kringlecon 2019 Write-Up

The challenges Hoe the season to be jolly! Been giving a few CTFs lately. It started with the disobey 2020 puzzle to get the hacker ticket. Then there was the OverTheWire's 2019 advent CTF. And finally this one, the SANS holiday hackmechallenge - KringleCon 2019. As of writing I got …

wasthereannhlgamelastnight.appspot.com - fixed - working again!

With NHL 2017-2018 season coming up and I had some extra spare time I thought why not finally fix this great website again :) As NHL changed the layout of their schedule page about two seasons ago - there's these days "infinite scrolling" or whatever it's called when the page only loads …

  • 2013-07-31
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SDN Course - Interview with Google Network Lead

This week in the SDN course on coursera there were lots of examples of real use of SDN stuff, for example like the B4 WAN by Google. They got a really interesting and cool interview with the Network Lead at Google - Amin Vahdat. And! They actually put this interview up …

  • 2013-07-17
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Make your own L2 Firewall!

Is what I did this week during the SDN Course on Coursera :) Within mininet or with a real OpenFlow capable switch, you can point the switch to use a controller. The controller would figure out all the smart stuff and the switch only does what the controller tells it to …

  • 2013-01-14
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Ever thought about studying a bit of programming? Thought it was a too daunting task? I've just gone through the second lesson on learnstreet and it's quite fun! It doesn't take long to go through the first two lessons, so if you don't have much time you can spend a …