• 2020-06-17
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3 months at IQM today!

And I'm on holiday :) Wasn't really expecting to be able to go on holiday working for a startup, but there's some coverage and the old IT Admin is still there so very nice to be able to take time off and not have to worry. Even get some more later …

  • 2020-04-17
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One month at IQM today!

Was reminded that today was exactly one calendar month since I joined IQM Finland It's been a very hectic month and it's been mostly remote because of the pandemic. Have met a few people, video chatted with a few. We have these weekly lunch meetings that is a good way …

Resepti: Risotto

Ainesosat: 2 katilaa 1 pannu Voi Sipuli Risotto riisi Vesi Liemikuutio Kuiva Omena Siideri Parmeggiano Raakaa makkaraa Käyttöohjeet : Vesi ja liemikuutio yhteen kattilalle. Makkarat panulle, ehkä 4/10 lämpö. Käytää kansi ja vaihta makkarat usein. Käytää haarukkaa ja tee muutama reikää makkaraan kun se on melkein valmis. 20 min? 30min …

Yesterday was my last day at CSCfi

9 years were significant and meaningful to me. We did a lot of cool things that as a very nice side benefit helped research, both in Finland and in other places! I’ve been involved in some core projects, both for internal users and external ones. I was free to …

  • 2020-02-19
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AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9 to autonomous Mode Adventure

Some initial needful information Reset is done by holding MODE and then powering off and on the device Default enable password is Cisco Serial ttyUSB0 worked with one usb to rs232 and then a serial to RJ45 adapter, my cheapo ebay USB to rj45 did not work. The colors of …

  • 2020-02-06
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Quadra - Did You Play It?

In my youth I enjoyed the LANs. One fun game we played was Quadra - which is a multiplayer tetris where by playing the game you send more blocks to your opponents making it very stressful :D turns out it is open source and it's out …

  • 2020-01-15
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Kringlecon 2019 Write-Up

The challenges! Hoe the season to be jolly! Been giving a few CTFs lately. It started with the disobey 2020 puzzle to get the hacker ticket. Then there was the OverTheWire's 2019 advent CTF. And finally this one, the SANS holiday hackmechallenge - KringleCon 2019. As of writing I got …

Resepti: Lapsi Kana & Lohi Porkkana Bataatti

Ota pakasti lohta pakastimesta. 3 bataatia 1 palsternakkaa 3 porkkanaa 1 sopuli 2 valkosipulinkyntä Laita kaikki kahteen kattilaan. Joka painee noin 800g. Vesimäärä tarvitset on 'niin paljon että se menee yli ruoan'. Keitä ruoka. Kun se in valmis laita 400g lohta yhteen kattilaan ja 400g kanaa toiseen.

Resepti: Tortellini Casserole

Miksata kerma, tomaatimurska ja mausteet. Kaada sose formille jossa on jo tortellinia ja tomaatia. fetajuusto päällä. Uunille 200 ℃ ~18min. Versiolle kaksille: ehkä parempi rikottajuusto, penaati ja ilman tomaatimurska?