• 2021-09-28
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LSC - LDAP Synchronization Connector

At $dayjob I recently found this tool. Use case was a workaround to get our good old posixGroups into groupOfNames; because some tools like bitwarden on premise requires that members of the groups are DNs for them to be able to figure out who's member …

Resepti: punajuuririsotto

ainesosat: 1x punasipuli 1x Punajuuri Risottoriisi Liemikuutio Aurajuusto raaste punajuurea, paistaa sipulia öljyssä, laitaa riisi samassa kattilassa ja lisätä liemikuutiovesi hieman ja hieman. Lisätä vesi kun se on vaan vähän märkä. Kun riisi on valmis (ei liian pehmeä vai kova) laitaa puoli aurajuusto sisään.

Reseptit: Tunapasta

Ainesosat 2.5 lle: 2x aurinkosiemiöljyä tonnikala purkkia 1x kerma 1x punasipuli 1/2 pussi pakastettu hernettä 190g pasta Suola ja pippuri Laitaa vesi päällä. Paistaa sipulia öljyssä purkeista. Listaa tonnikalaa paistinpannulle. Sitten kerma ja mausteet. Kun pasta on melkein valmis laitaa herneet veteen.

  • 2021-04-07
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Prometheus and SNMP from a printer

The other week I finally for this thing working I've been trying weakly to do every now and then when I had a few minutes free: send an alert before a toner runs out in a printer! Way back I set up SNMP_exporter to fetch metrics from switches. This worked …

Reseptti: Pasta Carbonara

Kahdelle. Jos lisää laitaa enemmän spaghetti ja . Ainesosat: kastike: 1/2 Parmiggiano 4x munia Kerma Valkosipuli, öljy Yksi paketti Pekoni ja vähän kinkku :) Spaghetti Suola

  • 2020-12-16
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Convert a string to integer in Kibana with painless

if (doc['bytes.keyword'].size()!=0) { return Integer.parseInt(doc['bytes.keyword'].value) } This took me a while to figure out! The above only works for Integer (so no 1.1 or 2.22). It works on ELK 7.10 I needed it because I'm using %{COMBINEDAPACHELOG} GROK pattern. That …

Resepti - kokoos kana keitto

Riisi, Öljy paistettu paprika, sipuli, inkevääri ja valkosipuli. Laittakaa sitten vihreä thai taikina., Kokoosmaito ja vesi ja kana ja kala liemikuutio, Kana

Non Brocade Branded USB stick activation

Another submission courtesy of Eberhard. Run anything here at your own risk. From what I can tell they should be fairly safe. Do make sure you run them on the switch itself. Pretty nice in case you don't want to shell out for a Brocade branded USB stick to transfer …

Brocade CF Replacement Hints

This post is based on a submission from a reader of this blog Eberhard, maybe primarily of the popular Brocade SAN upgrades post. Many thanks for this, hoping it will help someone out there! The topic here is how to replace the embedded Compact Flash card if that breaks. You …

  • 2020-07-05
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New Home Network Plan!

Changing apartment again so a pretty decent time to change the network at home. Doing it a bit on the cheap this time around. We'll get a docsis cable connection. Fortunately I have a modem used to connect to the same ISP from a previous apartment. Unfortunately the modem was …