Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.30 Tournament - 2/N

0.30 Tournament!

Timeline of the 2023 May 0.30 tournament - continuing off from Part 1.

Try to win first with my usual MiBe. Each bullet is roughly 1 or a few deaths.

  • Found a heavy broad axe. Made it to end of lair, but then learnt quickly that heavy is very bad against an enemey that's quick and have a weapon of speed!
  • Next round got a pretty fun Hand Axe early with +9 and shout. But died early to Gnolls..
  • Gnolls again. They are bad.
  • "Let's drink some mutation potions". It'll be fun they said. (clumsy and rf- on first..)
  • But have made it quite deep down! Have RN+++ and doing axe + shield. Got a venom broad axe and an antimagic war axe for the mages.
  • There is a manual of axes though that I could buy. Get quickly to 24 if I get an execution axe? There are some nice shields and battle axes lying around too.. :S :S :S :S :S
    • maybe get it early and train a bit towards just in case?
  • Chose abyss over slime beacause I didn't have any good rcorr and had RN+++. Died right next to the abyssmal rune because I got a mutation that didn't allow drinking any potions and got poisoned :D:D Fuuuu

Plenty and plenty other deaths after this during the week. Died for many Fun reasons:

  • ran out of intelligence
  • possibly too little dodge?
  • no rpois anywhere??? and swamp and snake branches??
  • I have RC++ what could go wrong??