Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.30 Tournament

0.30 Tournament!

What Is Stone Soup?

It's a game! I usually play it on https://underhound.eu:8080/#lobby with the WebTiles because the telnet/ASCII art is just unbearable for me. But one can play it over telnet if one so chooses.

These are my stats. I have not finished the game many times. It is hard. I think the original idea was by someone that played nethack and thought it was too easy.

Everything wants to kill you!

So, in the tournament you can get point. You get lots lots more point by winning (escaping with the Orb out where you entered the dungeon).

Timeline of the 2023 May 0.30 tournament.

Try to win first with my usual MiBe. Each bullet is roughly 1 or a few deaths.

  • Not enough RC+ (0) and went against three white ugly things. Blah.
  • Then some just spamming tab o tab o and dying a few times until I calmed down.
  • Okay managed to get through snake and shoal quite easily one round! But then went to SLIME and thought it'd be great to do so with a Fun weapon (a +0 spectral unrand broad axe) instead of the trusty +7 war axe. Bah. Got Mark. Killed the big baddie but got killed trying to escape.
  • Let's get some banners! :dagger:
  • Started a MiFi .. I thought. It was a Minotaur Artificer (so had some wands to evoke at start..)
    • Yhh.. well okay let's see how far this can go!
    • Managed to get to level 9 so yay one more banner - two level nines in a row!
    • Maybe get some maces & eventually transmutations going ? (best magic for minotaur with only -2?)
    • Death: thought I could 1-on-1 melee a red two-headed ogre. I could not
  • Really started a MiFi
    • Well first one went to shit early .. it's hard without berzerk in the earlies when meeting sigmund..
  • MiFi 2/N
    • Trying maces and shield.. should club down and armor down early I think for some faster speeds
    • Fall down a shaft and dropped three floors killed the poor taur quickly.
  • Back to MiBe
    • Getting way too "I can take this". While in fact I cannot. Managed to make it through the labyrinth intact (and that was rough) to get cocky dealing with the minotaur and not taking extra precaution after seeing the zombie..
  • Back to MiFi
    • Nemelex combo? Man playing around with a sword when training axes just can't by any good at all.. Let's remember that we have Nemelx if we get it mmmkay
    • Okay, Got another banner. Only worship a god from a faded alter (it had nemelx, okawaru and a third). Got Okawaru.
    • In the same run shortly after got a +5 woodsman axe. Which is like a +3 battle axe they say? https://crawl.develz.org/info/index.php?q=woodcutter%27s+axe . Not training axes so hard and putting focus on the rest. Got the "enter lair with invocation as highest skill". Bah. Killed by Minotaur with lots of potions and scrolls left!!

Time spent until now: 1h 6m + 4m + 16m + 2h 23m + + 23m + 1m + 5m + 22m + 6m + 11m + 46m= much!

Lets do another MiBe set of runs.

Took a few attempts but finally made it and got the Snake Run. Also got Swamp but level 4 looked scary so only went until Swamp:3. What to do for third rune?

  • Now took the time to glance over ultraviolent's guide again which is an old as dirt (2018) so one can't trust much of it. But it has this route which has been working quite well for me when I remember Depths..:

  • Dungeon levels until 10 or 11

  • Lair of Beasts
  • Dungeon level 12
  • Orcish Mines
  • Dungeon levels 13-15
  • First Lair Rune Branch
  • Second Lair Rune Branch
  • Vaults levels 1-4
  • Elven Halls (optional)
  • Depths
  • 3rd Rune
  • Zot 1-5

Almost straight away died because there was an enemy with cold spells and I have no RC+ except on a bow which I usually don't keep equipped unless hitting remote.. Bah still died very well in Elven Halls. GRRR Rage Quit!