Trip to San Francisco

Made it through flights and security checkpoints and buses and trains!

Next time I'm going on this long flight it woud be awesome to actually bring tooth paste and tooth brush in the hand luggage. Also possibly some own food in case the air plane food is not so awesome. And some water :) Besides that the hoodie, sleeping/eye covers, scarf and Kindle and head phones were enough.

Weather is way better here than in Helsinki :) Pretty cool to get to see Greenand from above with no clouds, also Yukun is pretty impressive. But the farmlands of USA are pretty cool too - so structured and organized.

So what's a good way to get rid of jet lag? Tomorrow I'l see if a bike ride is it :)

The hostel I'm in is the same as in 2008 when I was here last time  - although this time there's way more folks hanging out in the "social room" - but all people do is play with their phones and tablest/computers.. maybe because it's Sunday people chill out a bit more.