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  • 2012-02-29
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Windows 8 Consumer Preview in VMWare Workstation

Checking out the new Windows 8 Consumer preview! Installing in a VM on a host with Windows 7 and Intel Core i7. Downloading the x64 English version from here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/iso "To snap apps, you need a screen resolution of at least 1366 x 768 …

  • 2011-05-30
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Ubuntu Server + VMWare Workstation

0/ Have your own virtual machine in your desktop is not hard! 0.1/ Some Terminology OS - Operating System Host OS - Underlying OS - in this you install VMWare Workstation. Host needs to be stared for the guest to be able to start. Guest OS - The extra OS you install inside …

  • 2011-05-12
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Windows 7 Blank Windows Update Screen

Ever noticed this? I googled my behind off and saw some posts about registry , re-registering, runing as administrator but any way the last one did not work. A restart do get them back. Maybe not the most awesome 'fix' but I think a restart might be good every now and …

  • 2011-04-21
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Spinning Camera in FPS games

Ever experienced this relatively frustrating phenomena? My setup: Windows 7 x64 with an ATI Card HD5700 series. A logitech wireless keyboard+mouse. Camera just keeps on spinning and if you move the mouse it changes pitch, speed or whatever. Things to try: Got a joypad/joystick in the vicinity? Plug …

  • 2011-02-18
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Transparent PuTTY in Windows 7

PuTTY is a terminal client, it does telnet, raw, serial, ssh, rlogin. I've only ever used telnet, raw, serial and ssh. The normal client can be downloaded from http://www.putty.nl But, maybe you want to make PuTTY prettier? Like this?: putty pretty Well, there are a couple of …

  • 2011-02-08
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File share from Ubuntu 10.10 with Windows 7 Client

Figured I would give this a shot and see how this is done in Linux. Overview 1x Ubuntu 10.10 VM in VMWare Workstation. Installed with virtual kernel. 1x Windows 7 VM. All updates. Not going to go through the installations in this post, just the domain/LDAP part. See …

  • 2011-02-04
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Sharepoint - Part 3

The previous posts: Part 1 - installing Sharepoint 2010 Foundation. Part 2 - basic features in the web interface. I said I was going to look into the RSS updates, how to manually edit the database and look into the underlying structure of the Sharepoint. But, only went through the last of …

  • 2011-02-02
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Sharepoint 2010 Foundation - Part 2

Overview See the installation guide which I published recently. This article is a brief look what to do in Sharepoint after it has been installed! Accounts I don't want to log on with the built-in Administrator account anymore. Still no AD services installed. Created a new standard account with no …

  • 2011-01-30
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Sharepoint 2010 Foundation + Windows 2008 R2 + VMWare Workstation

Overview I just write down notes from the installation. But intended as a guide for how to set up your own sharepoint lab. Guides and Documentation Sharepoint server on technet: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc303422.aspx SQL Server 2008 R2 and Sharepoint 2010 server I downloaded the trial …