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  • 2011-11-22
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Install Open Solaris in VMWare Workstation

Trying out osol-dev-134-x86.iso in vmware workstation. You can download it from here: (genunix.org doesn't work anymore - here is another place: http://okcosug.org/. Update 201308 this also broke. You can now use http://virtualboxes.org/images/opensolaris/) Host OS: Core i7 with Windows x64. 1 core and 1300MB …

SunOS 5.11 OpenSolaris Man Page Trick

Ever had to read a man page on a Solaris system? You'll see these SunOS 5.11 System Administration Commands on each page in the manpage, making it quite hard to read. To make it more readable you can run this: man $1|grep -v 'SunOS 5.11'|grep -v …