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  • 2012-07-08
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Update to Spotify - An RSS Feed

After some time the solution I devised on https://www.guldmyr.com/script-to-check-for-an-update-on-a-web-page/ just did not elegant enough (also it stopped working). Instead of getting some kind of output in a terminal sometimes somewhere I decided to make an RSS feed that updates https://guldmyr.com/spotify/spot.xml instead …

  • 2011-11-18
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Simple RRD graphs

This is how to create simple RRD graphs using one data source that can be 0 and above. It is not an "ever increasing" counter. It will look like this: 1. Create the rrd database I wrote this down in a .sh file so I can go back later and …

  • 2011-10-19
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Script To Check For an Update on a Web Page

Hey! This is used for me on my Linux workstation to get a notification if there is a new spotify release whenever I open a new terminal.. It would be applicable for other (probably also simple) pages that aren't updated frequently. Reason: http://repository.spotify.com/pool/non-free/s/spotify …

SunOS 5.11 OpenSolaris Man Page Trick

Ever had to read a man page on a Solaris system? You'll see these SunOS 5.11 System Administration Commands on each page in the manpage, making it quite hard to read. To make it more readable you can run this: man $1|grep -v 'SunOS 5.11'|grep -v …

Ubuntu + Automatic Software Updates

How often do you actually log on to your machine - hit sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade without reading what the changes are? I do it every time, unless it's a dist-upgrade we're talking about. So how do we get this going? The tool you're looking for is called cron-apt …

  • 2011-02-11
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Install Drupal 7 in Debian 6

Time for another go! Drupal is .. a pretty famous and widely used CMS out there - so here we go -> 1. Get sudo configured on debian. Sucks to have to log on as root all the time when installing apps etc. 2. Download and untar drupal 7 3. Read INSTALL.TXT …

  • 2011-01-26
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Customized WebMail Notifier (x-notifier) Script for Squirrelmail

I use the WebMail Notifier / or as it's nowadays called - the X-notifier plugin in Firefox to see if I have gotten any new e-mails. The standard ones - gmail or hotmail works great, but there are also scripts (xnotifier scripts here) to make this work with your own - or other e-mails …

  • 2011-01-18
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Common Passwords

So read in a Swedish IDG today about the most common passwords. On number 4 we had lifehack but I had never heard about this before, so checked out Wikipedia on this and apparently this is a quickly written script with the intent to simplify life by filtering for example …

Lifehack currency

Haven't gotten around to the e-mail script yet, what would qualify? I check it so regularly often anyway that that is not something I want, I also don't get that many e-mails. On to another script that would assist me when I need to send money between a non-euro country …