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  • 2011-06-20
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This is from a post on the ITRC forum, I will copy it into here because the forum are moving soon and you never know if the links will work or not :) Also I do want to immortalize it. Title: Is it just me? Or does everything required a fw …

Server and Storage Tips from the ITRC

Just a good howto - tip - solution. It's a little hard to find good threads. Hard to find something.. should probably write it in here when I think of it. Also the ITRC are moving to another platform in June 2011 so maybe these won't be available after this. ** Update 2011-06-27 …

  • 2011-04-15
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King in ITRC!

Just got the Royal rank - 2500 points :) http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1477054&admit=109447626+1302808876390+28353475 Woop woop! HP's ITRC forum is a great place to learn more, help out :) For me the primary reason is to remember the things I learnt while working …