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  • 2011-05-15
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HP's Brocade firmwares compatible with other switches?

After a question in my SAN switch firmware upgrade article I made a comparison of two downloads of 6.3.1b (one via IBM and one from HP) - the only differences were a file called ancillary and one called EULA.pdf. I used examdiff to find the differences. All the …

  • 2011-05-05
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HEPIX Spring 2011 – Day 3

Day 3 woop! An evaluation of gluster: uses distributed metadata, so no bottleneck that comes with a metadata server, can or will do do some replication/snapshot. Virtualization of mass storage (tapes). Using IBM's TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) and ERMM. Where ERMM manages the libraries, so that TSM only sees …

Making use of IBM Laptop T40 – Part 4

Logging in! Wireless worked straight from the start. It says that my battery probably is broken (only 28% capacity). Some 2.6~GB is used by the default installation out of my 40GB disk. 1.6GB for swap. Step 1 - set up Synergy This is so I don't have to …

  • 2011-04-18
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Making use of IBM Laptop T40 – Part 3

Preface Two previous posts: Part1 - thoughts before installing Part2 - ultimate boot CD - for diagnostics I ran the laptop with google-chrome 10 and two flash-pages loading all night, no blue-screens, no errors in event viewer. No actually it looks and feels pretty ok. It's not very fast, but I suspect this …

  • 2011-04-17
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Making use of IBM Laptop T40 – Part 2

Previous post in this series: https://www.guldmyr.com/making-use-of-ibm-laptop-t40-part-1/ I'm going to try to put ubcd on an old USB pen I have, lots easier than burning a CD/DVD. Which I may not even have. It's an old Jens of Sweden 1GB mp3-player, that doesn't start unless plugged …

  • 2011-04-16
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Making use of IBM Laptop T40 - Part 1

Next project coming up! I want to have the laptop running so that I can have some use for it. Maybe run some services on it instead of in a VM on my desktop? But also so that I can chat while playing games ;) I want to put Linux on …

  • 2011-02-01
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Brocade SAN Switch Firmware Upgrades

Overview Table of Contents Overview Updates in this article Old Updates < 2013 Old Updates < 2020 More Recent Updates Steps Decide Download firmware links Firmware Upgrade Order Release notes FOS Notes from the release notes DCFM: Data Centre Fabric Manager / BNA: Brocade Network Advisor Updates to documents Fabric Watch and MAPS …