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wasthereannhlgamelastnight.appspot.com - fixed - working again!

With NHL 2017-2018 season coming up and I had some extra spare time I thought why not finally fix this great website again :) As NHL changed the layout of their schedule page about two seasons ago - there's these days "infinite scrolling" or whatever it's called when the page only loads …

  • 2013-03-05
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P2000 API Auth String

Ever wanted to do monitoring of a P2000 or MSA2000 from HP? They are in secret Dot Hill hardware, for example DDN also resells these as for example EF3015. There is a nice nagios script written by Tom http://www.toms-blog.com/nagios-hp-msa-p2000-status-and-performance-monitor/ To use that you need an API …