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  • 2023-04-20
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Great Android Apps 2023

Are you ready to take your Android experience to the next level? Then buckle up and get ready to discover some of the best Android apps of 2023 We all remember the days of using clunky task killers and relying on third-party apps to perform basic functions on our phones …

Finnish words from ankidroid

Lately I've been using ankidroid to study Finnish - or at least to expand my vocabulary a bit. I think it's great but it won't work by itself and requires quite a bit of tenacity. The good Finnish deck:https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1918695216 it's called "Finnish järjestyksessä". It's made …

  • 2014-01-12
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Cyanogenmod on Xperia Active (ST17i or satsuma)

Finally got fed up with the Xperia Active (ST17i or satsuma) - couldn't update anything because all the space was used up and it was rebooting when I wasn't touching it. Solution? Install Cyanogenmod! Cyanogenmod's wiki has a good overview of how to get it installed. Basically you reinstall the operating …

  • 2012-09-17
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Android wordpress publishing app

Enabled! Wonder if there's been lots of exploits for this method of writing posts? Turns out there are lots of old exploits for wordpress and xmlrpc, apparently it may also leave the page open for bruteforce attacks.. I'll leave this one disabled. But I bet there are other ways to …

  • 2012-09-05
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Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF 101 + root + arch in chroot

Just got one of these - thought it would be a great tool when going to conferences like Brocade Analyst and Technology Day 2012 for example or somewhere where I would need a small computer but don't want to bring a long my normal heavy laptop. Normally I prefer pen and …

Netti + Sony Ericsson X10 Mini + DNA

So you just got your SE X10 Mini in another country and wants to use it in Finland with the telephone service provider DNA? Not as easy as it seems! Well, first it's hard to get the actual number, but after you get your social security number it should not …

  • 2011-01-26
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Great Android Apps 2013

My phone is a Sony Ericsson Xperia Active and an Asus Transformer TF101 (with cyanogenmod 10.0). I am located in Finland so these apps may or may not exist in your market. Updated 201308. Easy to go to play.google.com and see which you've ever installed :) flashlight - There's …