Science-Fiction and Fantasy Books in Helsinki

Where to find them? Where are some good second hand shops, new book shops, any tips on buying from the Internet.

Number 1: the library.

The library system here in Finland is actually quite awesome. You can go to their website and search and reserve books (costs 50c this year, 2011) and stuff. Nice. They can also send stuff from one library to another. When you reserve a book you decide where you want to pick it up. Then you show up with your card and 50c and you're good!

If you are new to Finland, you do not need a social security number to get a loan card. You can get a temporary card that's cool for six months. When you do get a card, just drop in (I showed the papers I got from maistraati) and they'll add it to your profile.

Second Hand

Kampintorin Antikvaarinen kirjakauppa oy - location. It is on Fredrikinkatu and next to the hobby store, quite close to the spåra stop on Kamppi.

The one mentioned above has lots of fantasy in English. One rack and the bottom 5-6 or so are double stacked with two layers of books so you have to pull out the first row to see what is behind :)

Book Crossing looks like a nice concept!

So you get a label, put it on a  book you want to give away and either send it to somebody who has it on their wish list or just drop it off somewhere =) I have not tried it though. If I ever get my hands on a bunch of books I don't want I'll try to remember it. Or if I get back in touch with my old books that I've given away ;)

New Books

Suomalainen Kirjakaupa and Arcadia book shop.

Also Akademibokhandeln has lots of good English fantasy, several book shelves actually. has a good selection and bookdepository do free postage to Finland.