Imagine a year being only 10 days!

I'd be sooo old! Roughly one thousand years old. Maybe I would qualify as a jedi?


Nice comment about the above article on /. : "Didn't we have the same "what use is this" question after that math story the other day? It's like a oblique troll that something is Useless Until Proven Useful. General Theory of Truth: If something is true, something cool can be done with it. No exceptions. Politics don't count. I agree *you* don't need this, but someone out there has to know this stuff."


"Once you find the Higgs there's a cut scene where God kicks in the door at Stephen Hawking's house, pistol-whips a nurse, and wheels Hawking away with a gun to his head. It fades to black and you see: "ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: BOSON-NOVA!" The Level Up screen opens, you get to distribute skill points and pick a Level II perk, and then you move on to the next quest."


yes I'm too lazy to write something myself about the LHC ;)