NHL 2011 Playoff - Bets on!


Time for some not so good sleeping rhythm in the next 8 weeks! Bye - bye circadian rhythm. I like the 10.30pm games - means they start 5.30am here, which means early breakfast, watch game and then get to work :)

Who will fall, who will crush who, who will win!

The matches:

Eastern Conference

(1) Washington vs (8) Rangers (2) Philadelphia vs (7) Buffalo (3) Boston vs (6) Montreal (4) Pittsburgh vs (5) Tampa Bay

Washington should not have a problem with Rangers. My bets in this conference is that the Caps, Philly, Montreal and Tampa goes through to the next round. Would be nice though to see Rangers and Buffalo beat the team above but I think that might be to push it too far.

Western Conference

(1) Vancouver vs (8) Chicago (2) San Jose vs (7) Los Angeles (3) Detroit vs (6) Phoenix (4) Nashville vs (5) Anaheim

Chicago has a lot of good players and they have a bit of experience from the last years. But is it enough? I don't think they'll be able to kick Vancouver down. Sharks or Kings..  hm. So hard. Antti Niemi in goal in Sharks might make the difference, but by default I do not like the Sharks so have to side with the Kings on this one. Detroit will beat Phoenix, again. Please. :) Nashville.. nobody likes Nashville huh? Very even team. As far as I can tell Nashville hasn't been this high up ever in the post-season. Nice to see them here. I'm going to side with Anaheim on this one though, like the players there more.