Music of the Day - 30th of June - poprockindie

Young the Giant - My Body # I like the first comment on the youtube - "When i heard this song for the first time i automatically loved it. Not very many songs can do that.". What I didn't like was was written on the blog where I found the song:  "That's a pretty amazing endorsement from a man that most of us view as a God.". Morrissey? God? Drug-addict. Crap. Saw him in Marlay Park in Dublin some years ago and it was just pure crap. Good thing that The Magic Numbers were on after :) Best ever! Haven't heard about em you say? Check em out.

(Actually double-checked in my old so I didn't write false words). I wrote that me and Oskar were going to the consert, and I ended with the Morrissey is cool. So a bit of reverse of onion there, good, turns out I'm improving after all.


Another good song there: Heartbeats. Ever heard the Knife's or Jose Gonzalez's version? One of them was in a commercial. There is another cover on there now by a Ellie Goulding. For me it's hard to beat the Knife's version - as it's pretty awesome - and it has much more synth in it. Also Ellie's voice annoys me a little bit. Checked out some more songs, still annoying. There probably are more covers of the heartbeat song though, check em out!

Also - if you just found some good music - I'd love to hear! What are you listening to now?