Music of the day 22th of June (vinyl café edition)

My favorite English language radio-show is the Vinyl Café with Stuart McLean. It's a CBC radio show and the hosts travel around Canada (and now also US) having live shows, live music, stories sent in by listeners and also their own stories of course. I guess you could say it's a show with stories, often fun ones.

I first stumbled onto it when sitting on the bus from Vancouver to Calgary, in the middle of the night I woke up in a valley near Banff. I was on my way across Canada by myself. It was one of the shows when the crew travels across Canada on the train - where they have live shows on the train but also speaking with people on the train, asking for their stories. Reflection about traveling, stuff like that. Of course I was caught and have been listening to almost every week's podcast since then (summer 2008). Apparently there are many other shows but

The music they play is most of the time by independent musicians (monetary reasons I believe) so what you here are often eeexcellent live music. More often the music is singer songwriter style (one person) but sometimes a little band comes on the show and gives a great performance.

When I get to plan a visit to Canada I will try to go see one of these live shows :)

Today I'm listening to the 4th June episode

Luke Doucet and Melissa McLelland sang some duets. Just pure beautiful.