Music of the Day 22nd of May

Dying is Fine - Ra Ra Riot - Sounds a lot like Morrissey occasionally, but not often enough for me to start hurling, so I liek. Beware of their main web site - you can get epilepsia for free there. Wild bass in the song Boy - check it out, nowz!

Whoa oh oh oh - The Ascetic Junkies - not only with a mandarin ;) - From Portland? Kind of make sense, definitely a hippie vibe to it :) They call it 'whiskeystomp' for no good reason! Is that a good reason?

Ascetic Junkies

The Whigs - nice rocking motion, especially in the beginning of "I am for real". Not so many tunes on t61 but there is youtube as well ;)

Great Intro - \"I am for real - The Whigs\"