Music of the Day 13th June (Uncut edition)

Another round of applauds please!

Just got back from the holidays and grabbed a copy of Uncut - Bob Dylan's 70th Anniversary edition because I had just enough of moneys in that foreign currency to get rid of.

CD kind of sucked though, bunch of happy birthday songs. The songs didn't sound like Bob Dylan but then again, neither does Bob Dylan so who am I to complain?

Some good stuff:

The Monochrome Set  - Espresso : Great stuff. Apparently bands like Franz Ferdinand, Belle & Sebastian, The Smiths sound a lot like them. I would agree. Also they are from the 80s so they were before everybody! Yay. Original? Can't tell but honestly, it sounds pretty good. Good tempo, occasionally sad voice on the singer and some happy guitar solos. I'm there.

Ringo Starr is apparently famous, I liked the interview with him, he sounds like a happy person even though he was in the Beatles and did(present tense?) drugs. It's him and the All Starr band - with lots of great musicians - also he's a drummer. What's up with drummers? They seems to last forever. Music is poppy.

Cornershop (Brimful of Asha - do you remember?) - there is/was a religious Sihk in the band - cool! So that song was about the love for vinyls. Be sure to check out some of their other songs, there are some really cool remixes with their songs.