Movie Review - The Man Without a Past

Kotimainen Elokuva- Mies vailla menneisyyttä [by Aki Kaurismäki]

Black Comedy?

We decided to take a peak at it because it was nominated/won an Oscar under 'foreign film'. So it should be good then right? Turns out they of course can be quite 'artsy' as well. But not necessarily a bad thing :)

There were weird "moments" - like where dialogue was abruptly stopped and one person walks off and stares into space..

Movie in Finnish set in Helsinki. Which always is cool - to see a movie set where you live. There were new Volvos (at least later than 2000), but movie feels old, like 60s? 70s?

Like an old movie done today. It felt .. classical. The actors did.

I really enjoyed the movie and do recommend it. But beware, it's a little dark, but quite rewarding nonetheless.