gnome-screensaver uses a lot of memory

Just checked out a memory useage script (because honestly I find top a but too complicated). I found one that looks good on . The script is a nice little perl script. Just download it from the link and set chmod +x and you can run it with "sudo", you need to be root for some reason to run this script.

My machine is a Lenovo T400 with a radeon card.

This told me that gnome-screensaver was using some 400MB. A bit of googling did not give me any real hints if there is a configuration change or so. So instead I decided to change the way I lock my workstation in dwm.

Now, I call upon a program I called "screenlock", this I put in /usr/local/bin/screenlock:

killall gnome-screensaver; sleep 1; gnome-screensaver; gnome-screensaver-command -l

That's it. (kills it, waits a bit, starts it, then locks)

Then in config.h for dwm this under /* commands */:

static const char *locksaver[] = { "screenlock", NULL } ;

and under keys

{ MODKEY, XK_l, spawn, {.v = locksaver } },

with all the spaces/tabs that is in config.h, unsure if it's necessary but why take a chance :p

Now it stays around 10MB :)