Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.31 Tournament

0.31 Tournament

These are my stats. I have not finished the game many times. It is hard. I think the original idea was by someone that played nethack and thought it was too easy.

Everything wants to kill you!

I usually play MiBe (mostly because I really want to hit berserk if I'm in a tight spot).

Feels like Minotaur Berserker is more difficult this time around..

My current usual route:

  • Dungeon levels until 10 or 11
  • Lair of Beasts
  • Dungeon level 12
  • Orcish Mines
  • Dungeon levels 13-15
  • First Lair Rune Branch
  • Second Lair Rune Branch
  • Vaults levels 1-4
  • Elven Halls (optional)
  • Depths
  • Do not Go to say the Crypt or some Pandemonium to try to "get some more exp before 3rd rune"
  • 3rd Rune (Abyss, Slime or Vault 5)
  • Zot 1-5