Transparent PuTTY in Windows 7

PuTTY is a terminal client, it does telnet, raw, serial, ssh, rlogin. I've only ever used telnet, raw, serial and ssh.

The normal client can be downloaded from

But, maybe you want to make PuTTY prettier?

Like this?:

putty pretty putty pretty

Well, there are a couple of ways to get the transparency.

  • Get a transparency tool for Windows or your OS that you can use to make anything transparent.
  • If you are in Linux eterm does it - you just need to make some changes to the config.
  • For Windows you can also download PuTTY Tray.

PuTTY Tray is still developed.

Go ahead and download PuTTY Tray, it will re-use the profiles you have already configured with normal PuTTY so don't worry about losing them.

If you have a profile already set up for PuTTY you can load it and then go and make the changes, don't forget to save it afterwards :)



  • Deselect "show scrollbar" - (you can use shift+pageup/pagedown for that anyway)
  • Set Opacity to 225 as a start - (you will probably alter this later)

Windows -> Appearance

  • Set "gap between text and window edge" to 0

Window -> Behavior

What confused me was that by default PuTTY Tray sends the application to the tray, and not to the activity field. So I thought the program was terminating itself :)

  • To have the program in the activity field you need to set the "show tray icon" to "Always"
  • Also set "accept single-click to restore from tray".
  • Full screen on alt-enter is also handy to enable here.

That's it!

Another thing I find handy to write in is to add an "auto-login username" under Connection -> Data. Saves a lot of time if you use the same username a lot.

I only have Windows 7 but I don't see why this would be different on Windows XP - excepting from the systray behavior then.

P.s. if you're on Windows 10 you can use Bash on Windows! Do iiit - much nicer than putty!