Taking puppet-ghostbuster for a spin

We use puppet at $dayjob to configure OpenStack.

I wanted to know if there's a lot of unused code in our manifests!

**From left of stage enters: https://github.com/camptocamp/puppet-ghostbuster **

Step one is to install the puppet modules and gems and whatnot, this blog post was good about that: https://codingbee.net/puppet/puppet-identifying-dead-puppet-code-using-puppet-ghostbuster

Next I needed to get the HTTP forwarding of the puppetdb working, this can apparently (I learnt about ssh -J) be done with:

ssh -J jumphost.example.org INTERNALIPOFPUPPETMASTER -L 8081:localhost:8080

Then for setting some variables pointing to hiera.yaml and setting

PUPPETDB_URL=http://localhost:8081 HIERA_YAML=/tmp/hiera.yaml

Unsure if hiera.yaml works, just copied it in from the puppetmaster

Then running it

find . -type f -name '*.pp' -exec puppet-lint --only-checks ghostbuster_classes,ghostbuster_defines,ghostbuster_facts,ghostbuster_files,ghostbuster_functions,ghostbuster_hiera_files,ghostbuster_templates,ghostbuster_types {} \+|grep OURMODULE

Got some output! Are they correct?

./modules/OURMODULE/manifests/profile/apache.pp - WARNING: Class OURMODULE::Profile::Apache seems unused on line 6

But actually we have a role that contains:

class { 'OURMODULE::profile::apache': }

So I'm not sure what is up... But if I don't run all the ghostbuster and instead skip the ghostbuster_classes test I get a lot fewer warnings for our module.

/modules/OURMODULE/manifests/profile/keystone/user.pp - WARNING: Define OURMODULE::Profile::Keystone::User seems unused on line 2

Looking in that one we have a "OURMODULE::profile::keystone::user" which calls keystone_user and keystone_user_role. However we do call it but like this:

OURMODULE::Profile::Keystone::User<| title == 'barbican' |>

Or in this other place:

create_resources(OURMODULE::profile::keystone::user, $users)

Let's look at the next. which was also a "create_resources" . Meh. Same same. And if I skip the ghostbuster_defines? No errors :) Well it was worth a shot. Some googling on the topic hints that it might not be possible with the way puppet works.