Tails - A LiveCD/USB Linux Distribution


It looks like it's been renamed to 'tails'.

It is based on Debian, is a LiveCD and it's purpose is to preserve anonymity and privacy.

When you install it in a VM it gives a pop-up to this link saying that running it in a VM may not be the safest option.

There's a few default plugins in iceweasel (looks like firefox, in fact it is a fork of firefox):

  • adblock plus
  • amnesia branding
  • cookie monster
  • firegpg
  • foxyproxy standard
  • greasemonkey
  • https-everywhere
  • monkeysphere
  • noscript
  • torbutton

It also starts with TOR configured and in 'private browsing' mode. There is also an I2P application/network that can be used. Both are however quite slow (but generally this shared type of proxy-ing usually is?) As in ~10 seconds to load a web page.

Easy to use, but still slow.

Is performance is something worth losing to gain privacy and anonymity?