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  • 2012-05-29
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In relation to my work I'm currently reading a book PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance and there is a great quote about SAN/NAS/DAS: "SAN and NAS hardware is typically much more expensive than DAS, and easier to manage in complicated ways."

  • 2012-03-01
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OpenIndiana + PostgreSQL + dCache

This is a test for installing openindiana and set up a working dCache test-vm dCache is a storage element of the Grid (scientific computing). OI == OpenIndiana. Kind of like opensolaris with an Illumos kernel, not the sun/oracle kernel. With https://www.guldmyr.com/esxi-vmware-workstation/ as a base for how …

  • 2011-06-19
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PostgreSQL upgrade - compressed dumpfile

Why does a PostgreSQL upgrade require an export, uninstall, install and then import of the database? That big changes in the database? It would be nice to know how to import from a compressed archive, anybody ever got this working? If so, please leave a comment! I've been googling my …