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  • 2021-04-07
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Prometheus and SNMP from a printer

The other week I finally for this thing working I've been trying weakly to do every now and then when I had a few minutes free: send an alert before a toner runs out in a printer! Way back I set up SNMP_exporter to fetch metrics from switches. This worked …

  • 2015-01-18
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Nagios Health Check of a DDN SFA12K

Part of my $dayjob as a sysadmin is to monitor all things. I'll be publishing my home-made nagios checks on github in the near future. Here is the first one that uses the Web API of a DDN's SFA12K (might work on the 10k too, haven't tried) which is a …

  • 2013-03-05
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P2000 API Auth String

Ever wanted to do monitoring of a P2000 or MSA2000 from HP? They are in secret Dot Hill hardware, for example DDN also resells these as for example EF3015. There is a nice nagios script written by Tom http://www.toms-blog.com/nagios-hp-msa-p2000-status-and-performance-monitor/ To use that you need an API …

  • 2011-11-18
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Simple RRD graphs

This is how to create simple RRD graphs using one data source that can be 0 and above. It is not an "ever increasing" counter. It will look like this: 1. Create the rrd database I wrote this down in a .sh file so I can go back later and …