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  • 2011-10-14
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How-To : Update Spotify on RHEL6 x64 native client

See the post for how to install spotify on a Linux Client (RHEL 6 x64 in my case). This post is for how to upgrade. 2012-02-01: Updated, added --nodeps to the rpm upgrade. 2013-01-08: This has been confirmed to work with spotify-0.8.8, updated typo in symlink part. Why …

  • 2011-08-25
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How-To : Install Spotify on RHEL6 x64 native client

Hey! You need premium for RHEL6 native client to work. If you get it to work with WINE it would work for free (as a plus you get it with the very annoying ads). My machine is a RHEL 6 64-bit. The only requirement I had was that I did …