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  • 2013-11-10
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BCvRP – Brocade Certified virtual Router Professional – Objectives

For training these I set up networks. Many. Drawing the networks first in LibreOffice Draw and then setting them up with virtual machine templates and LAN segments. The exam I took in October and because it was a beta exam the results aren't out until December :) The BCvRP has the …

  • 2013-09-08
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BCvRE - Brocade Certified virtual Router Engineer

Been checking out the Vyatta vRouter a bit closer. Mostly because of the BCvRE exam but I'm slowly starting to think there might be some benefits to using it elsewhere too. See vyatta-a-routervpnfirewall-in-a-vm-brocade-certified-vrouter-engineer/ for where to find manuals or training materials. See the objectives. I tried installing Vyatta vRouter 6 …

  • 2013-09-08
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BCvRE - Brocade Certified virtual Router Engineer - Objectives

This post will be continuously updated with my short notes under each concept. It's not meant to be a replacement of the official training materials. I'm just starting out playing with the vRouter Core / open source version and installing it in a VM and set up some networks and firewalls …

  • 2013-08-26
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Vyatta: a router/vpn/firewall in a VM

Brocade has a beta exam up for BCVRE - Certified vRouter Engineer - which is on the Vyatta software from the company with the same name that Brocade bought last year. There is the free open source core. Download from here: http://vyatta.org/downloads (no you don't have to register). The …

BCFP - How to prepare for the exam

Until now I've been just reading the material, when there's something unclear in the material I've looked it up in command reference guides, release notes, user guides or otherwise on the Intertubes. This doesn't really prepare you for the format the exam is in. I mean the exam is in …

BCFP - Brocade Certified Fabric Professional 16G Beta Exam

More studying. Only a month and a half to go. Currently repeating/re-reading BCFA stuff and mostly focusing on the new stuff. Expect to do this this whole week but gradually weave in more BCFP stuff. An idea - I don't think I need to re-hearse the BCFA that much. The …

BCFA - Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator 16G Beta

I am currently going for the BCFP - fabric professional - exam, but I did the BCFA 6 months ago so I'll re-read the material and of course there's the new stuff with FOS 7, new hardware, 16g, new ASIC that I should probably learn as well. Some new stuff 'fabric name' …

  • 2011-07-13
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Reading encrypted/password protected pdf on Linux

The problematic PDF The CFP300 material on http://community.brocade.com/docs/DOC-2041 is encrypted so that it cannot be printed/re-edited without a password. If you try to open this with evince (default .pdf viewer in Gnome) it will ask for a password. pdftotext (comes with the software suite …