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  • 2016-02-15
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Let's encrypt the web - renewal

So easy! just: As I ran the letsencrypt-auto last time, I did again. sudo systemctl stop nginx cd letsencrypt git pull ./letsencrypt-auto enter enter etc sudo apache2ctl stop # .. why did it start apache2 automatically? sudo systemctl start nginx Since letsencrypt-auto version 0.5.0 it's: sudo systemctl stop nginx cd …

  • 2012-06-13
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Red Hat Certification – RHCE - Course Outline

Howdy! In case you saw my previous posts I've been prepping for a RHCE course the last couple of weeks. Here are the posts based on the objectives: http/https dns ftp nfs smb smtp ssh ntp Odds are quite high that I've missed something or not gone deep enough …

  • 2011-07-13
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Reading encrypted/password protected pdf on Linux

The problematic PDF The CFP300 material on http://community.brocade.com/docs/DOC-2041 is encrypted so that it cannot be printed/re-edited without a password. If you try to open this with evince (default .pdf viewer in Gnome) it will ask for a password. pdftotext (comes with the software suite …