Spinning Camera in FPS games

Ever experienced this relatively frustrating phenomena?

My setup:

Windows 7 x64 with an ATI Card HD5700 series. A logitech wireless keyboard+mouse.

Camera just keeps on spinning and if you move the mouse it changes pitch, speed or whatever.

Things to try:

  • Got a joypad/joystick in the vicinity? Plug it out.
  • Got a bluetooth thing and a controller nearby? Disable bluetooth.
  • When it's spinning you can try plugging out your mouse/kebyoard/joypad to see if it stops then.
  • Update graphics drivers
  • Try with a wire (cheap as you can find) keyboard and mouse.

I had been runnnig synergy for a week or so, this is an application for controlling the mouse on another computer - over your network - by just dragging the cursor to the edge of your screen. Was working fine, I had it running while playing Portal 2, Call of Duty, Crysis. Working fine except that it minimized the game when I was at the edge..

Then I decided to update Windows with Windows Update (bunch of security fixes only..) and new AMD/ATI Drivers for my HD5770 card.

Then suddenly it started (the updates required reboots).

I rolled back driver, unplugged mouse/keyboard, rebooted a couple of times. Went through the windows update. Killed synergy - by default even if you run a program in full screen it will switch over to the other monitor, which is not so awesome because it minimizes games like Portal 2. I scoured the Steam Forums but nothing that helped.

In the end I found a 'synergys' process running even though the service was disabled and stopped. To stop it I had to select the "view processes for all users" and then end it.

Then whoop! No more spinning! I suspect it may have been the same even with the updates if I had just done a reboot.