owncloud in a box!



Based on opensuse 12.1, I tested this out in vmware workstation by downloading the vm version (has a .vmdk file) inside the .tar inside the .tar.gz.

"Run the appliance, go to http://[yourservername]/owncloud and login as admin with the password owncloud42. Change the password in the admin interface and use the URL, which is shown there to access ownCloud via WebDAV."

files, music, bookmarks, calendar, e-mail client, ldap and unix pam integration.

All in all, it looks like it could be quite cool. And it appears to be updated quite often too with a quite active community. But this takes a bit of commitment. First you want to move your existing stuff into this one (so you want to have backups of it etc) and you want to host it somewhere reliable (in case you access it through your phone etc). But I can see the potential, is quite nice to not have to depend on google or your other_random_"cloud"_vendor for these kind of services.