Learning Storage

** 2011-08-18 Just updated the link to the HP forum.

I also wrote a primer to Data Storage.

Just listened to this podcast episode #96 of Infosmack on theregister (about storage). Very interesting to hear what some really experienced people say about storage and the

future. Like hybrid disk drives becoming more and more predominant in the future and maybe encrypted drives?

One participant of the talk was Larry Freeman who wrote this book called storage brain that apparently Netapp uses for introducing new hires to storage. They also have a page with some other cool storage stuffs :


Book looks pretty cheap - might be quite interesting to read. The only other one I've read was HP's Introduction to SAN and evidently this is extremely HP specific and it is quite "high level" like the theory and intentions for a SAN. But it does go through the basics. Sometimes it is like reading a brochure.

I wonder if the Storage Brain is then focused on Netapp products?

Some more tips can be found in this HP forum thread if you are interested.

For example I really recommend Brocade's FC 101 training. Excellent start for SAN - the networking part of storage. But there is a lot more: disk arrays, tape libraries, host side stuff like multipathing and why not disaster recovery, redundancy or replication.