How-To : Update Spotify on RHEL6 x64 native client

See the post for how to install spotify on a Linux Client (RHEL 6 x64 in my case).

This post is for how to upgrade.

2012-02-01: Updated, added --nodeps to the rpm upgrade. 2013-01-08: This has been confirmed to work with spotify-0.8.8, updated typo in symlink part.

Why? is out!

Is available. Maybe right-click works?? =)

  1. Get the .deb into a place where you can run the program 'alien'. I have ubuntu in a virtual machine so fired that up, downloaded the .deb
  2. sudo alien --to-rpm spotify-client-qt_0.6.1.309.gb871a7d-1_amd64.deb
  3. e-mailed spotify-client-qt- to myself
  4. save the .rpm, close spotify,  and hit:
  5. sudo rpm -Uvh spotify-client-qt-
  6. this failed, it needed

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by spotify-client-qt- is needed by spotify-client-qt- is needed by spotify-client-qt- is needed by spotify-client-qt-

A forum post with some more details about this.

whereis spotify ldd /usr/bin/spotify gives me: 0> /usr/lib64/ 0> /usr/lib64/


cd /usr/lib64

sudo ln -s sudo ln -s

If still no go, some advise to rename/delete ~/.config/spotify and ~/.cache/spotify

If neither of the above still works, run

rpm -Uvh --nodeps spotify-client-qt-

It's now possible to right-click on playlists! Also to click on 'File' works! Woop!

Right-click on artist worked a few times. Then after a while it stopped working. AGREGHA!!#45

(still crashes with Spotify

I would guess that the problem lies with qt or webkit.

Sharing works though. It sucks a bit to not be able to add files to playlists. But clicking the star works so you can find the songs you don't want to forget in there. Scrobble/ also works. Cannot select top list for another country.