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Title: Is it just me? Or does everything required a fw update?

Begins with some posts with some people never having any problems and some people who have had. Then gregersenj posted what I have pasted below, which is just a very honest and in my opinion accurate view of daily IT life. It may not be what others want to hear, maybe especially the people paying for the IT-services. But I believe nobody understands the whole picture in an IT-system. You may believe a lot but for everybody there are some areas that you don't understand completely. Like drivers, kernel, just as an example.

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Frustration allways come from 2 reasons. 1. Lack of knowledge. 2. "Religion" 1 often lead to 2. And that lead to Frustration. 
Things to realize: There's no 100% uptime. There's nothing bug free. There's allways a risk.
Ralize the aboave, and learn how stuff works.
I don't got a lot of knowledge on the Itanium/PA risc systems. But, on some RX26xx model(s) you mst enable the embedded smart array controller from the EFI.
OA and ILo is a on-line, non-disruptive upgrades. A backup of the OA configuration is recommended, just in case.
Interconnect modules can be upgraded on-line. On-line FW upgrades neee a reboot to activate new FW. VCSU upgrade modules, then reboot them 1 by 1. Do you trust your enviroment? Do you want to take the risk?
Yes, the blade must be powered off to activate a profile. I don't know why, but I believe that the engineers have a good reason.
I will recommend you to create a FW anf Driver base line, and ensure, that you are allways within supportet release sets.
Most release notes do say upgrade at earliest convinience.
I learn new stuff every day, and the more I learn, the less knowledge I blieve that I have.
Theory is: It don't work, but we know why. Real life is: It work, but we don't know why.
Wish you a lot of fun learning, and hope you get less frustratet.
BR /jag