Customized WebMail Notifier (x-notifier) Script for Squirrelmail

I use the WebMail Notifier / or as it's nowadays called - the X-notifier plugin in Firefox to see if I have gotten any new e-mails.

The standard ones - gmail or hotmail works great, but there are also scripts (xnotifier scripts here) to make this work with your own - or other e-mails based on other e-mail servers, for example Squirrelmail.

To customize this to work with your own setup you may need to change the script available on the link above (as of version 2011-01-04).

If your squirrelmail web server enforces https and is installed on for example and not (which the script by default assumes), you will have to alter the script.

I had to change this function in the code to make it work:

function init() {
  if (this.server) {
    if (this.server.indexOf("**`https`**") != 0)
      this.server = "**https**://" + this.server;
    if (this.server.charAt(this.server.length - 1) == "/")
      this.server = this.server.substring(0, this.server.length - 1);
  } else if (this.user.indexOf("@") != -1)
    this.server = "**https://mail.**" + this.user.split("@")[1];
  this.loginData = [
    this.server + "**/squirrelmail/**src/redirect.php",
  this.dataURL = this.server + "**/squirrelmail/**src/left_main.php";
  this.mailURL = this.server + "**/squirrelmail/**src/webmail.php";

// Edit 2023: Removed old links to some javascripts. They're gone :)