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Non Brocade Branded USB stick activation

Another submission courtesy of Eberhard. Run anything here at your own risk. From what I can tell they should be fairly safe. Do make sure you run them on the switch itself. Pretty nice in case you don't want to shell out for a Brocade branded USB stick to transfer …

Brocade CF Replacement Hints

This post is based on a submission from a reader of this blog Eberhard, maybe primarily of the popular Brocade SAN upgrades post. Many thanks for this, hoping it will help someone out there! The topic here is how to replace the embedded Compact Flash card if that breaks. You …

  • 2017-10-07
  • it - now using object storage!

coverImage: "screenshot.png" To continue this series of blog posts about the awesome web site where you can see if there was in fact, an NHL game last night :) Some background: First I had a python script that scraped the website of and …

  • 2015-01-18
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Nagios Health Check of a DDN SFA12K

Part of my $dayjob as a sysadmin is to monitor all things. I'll be publishing my home-made nagios checks on github in the near future. Here is the first one that uses the Web API of a DDN's SFA12K (might work on the 10k too, haven't tried) which is a …

  • 2014-10-26
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High amount of Load_Cycle_Count on Green Western Digital disks

You are monitoring the SMART values of your disks right? They're usually a real good indicator of the health of the drive. Thought I'd check out the SMART value of the disks in my desktop today (while checking if I had notifications from smartd on). Low and behold, the Load_Cycle_Count …

Lustre 2.5 + CentOS6 Test in OpenStack

Reason: Testing to Lustre 2.5 from a clean CentOS 6.5 install in an openstack. Three VMs: two servers, one MDS, one OSS and one Client. CentOS65 on all. An open internal ethernet network for the lustre traffic (don't forget firewalls). Yum updated to latest kernel. Two volumes presented …

  • 2014-04-02
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Brocade Certified Professional Data Center Track - Check!

coverImage: "bro_edu4_cert_pro_data_center_rgb.png" After ~49 posts on this blog on the topic Brocade the first larger block is finally complete: the Brocade Certified Professional Data Center Track (BCPDC)! What's that? So Brocade has several (4) tracks which consist of certifications/accrediations, some are shared between the tracks and some are …

  • 2014-03-30
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BANAS - Brocade Certification - Studying

I'm going to focus on the below things when studying for BANAS: They are based on the current objectives listed on Brocade's page. Brocade Accredited Network Advisor Specialist Exam Topics The Brocade Accredited Network Advisor Specialist exam has these objectives: Product Features Demonstrate knowledge of Brocade Network Advisor product features …

  • 2013-08-26
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Vyatta: a router/vpn/firewall in a VM

Brocade has a beta exam up for BCVRE - Certified vRouter Engineer - which is on the Vyatta software from the company with the same name that Brocade bought last year. There is the free open source core. Download from here: (no you don't have to register). The …