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  • 2023-04-20
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Using Chat GPT or other LLM at for hobby projects

I find myself using chatGPT or similar like phind recently to help with some computer programming tasks. I'll probably post more about what I'm using it for at work too. It's a thing that's up-and-coming so seems like something useful I could learn! Some reasons why I used it during …

  • 2023-04-20
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Great Android Apps 2023

Are you ready to take your Android experience to the next level? Then buckle up and get ready to discover some of the best Android apps of 2023! We all remember the days of using clunky task killers and relying on third-party apps to perform basic functions on our phones …

  • 2023-04-15
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Moving from WordPress to This

Background Story I had this great webhost. They had the first $SHELL I ever used. I learnt a lot about bash scripting there. I ran eggdrops and IRC clients and used screen :D I experienced the hacks when they got pwned, because those things happened back then (2001-2002 probably). Anyway …

  • 2021-09-28
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LSC - LDAP Synchronization Connector

At $dayjob I recently found this tool. Use case was a workaround to get our good old posixGroups into groupOfNames; because some tools like bitwarden on premise requires that members of the groups are DNs for them to be able to figure out who's member …

  • 2021-04-07
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Prometheus and SNMP from a printer

The other week I finally for this thing working I've been trying weakly to do every now and then when I had a few minutes free: send an alert before a toner runs out in a printer! Way back I set up SNMP_exporter to fetch metrics from switches. This worked …

  • 2020-12-16
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Convert a string to integer in Kibana with painless

if (doc['bytes.keyword'].size()!=0) { return Integer.parseInt(doc['bytes.keyword'].value) } This took me a while to figure out! The above only works for Integer (so no 1.1 or 2.22). It works on ELK 7.10 I needed it because I'm using %{COMBINEDAPACHELOG} GROK pattern. That …

  • 2020-07-05
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New Home Network Plan!

Changing apartment again so a pretty decent time to change the network at home. Doing it a bit on the cheap this time around. We'll get a docsis cable connection. Fortunately I have a modem used to connect to the same ISP from a previous apartment. Unfortunately the modem was …

  • 2020-06-17
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3 months at IQM today!

And I'm on holiday :) Wasn't really expecting to be able to go on holiday working for a startup, but there's some coverage and the old IT Admin is still there so very nice to be able to take time off and not have to worry. Even get some more later …

  • 2020-04-17
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One month at IQM today!

Was reminded that today was exactly one calendar month since I joined IQM Finland It's been a very hectic month and it's been mostly remote because of the pandemic. Have met a few people, video chatted with a few. We have these weekly lunch meetings that is a good way …

Yesterday was my last day at CSCfi

9 years were significant and meaningful to me. We did a lot of cool things that as a very nice side benefit helped research, both in Finland and in other places! I’ve been involved in some core projects, both for internal users and external ones. I was free to …