3 months at IQM today!

And I'm on holiday :)

Wasn't really expecting to be able to go on holiday working for a startup, but there's some coverage and the old IT Admin is still there so very nice to be able to take time off and not have to worry. Even get some more later in the summer. All those extra hours I managed to squeeze in by not commuting to work got me a few extra weeks of holiday :)

Got lots of things in the pipeline to think about though, without going into much details they are important but quite some distance from what I've worked with so far - basically a whole ecosystem to get familiar with. Soon I'll have to decide if I want to do it hacky way, learning what the proper way or try to outsource it. But what I want shouldn't come first, what makes business sense should.

So far have enjoyed getting reacquainted with the ELK stack and getting acquainted with Prometheus for monitoring. No fancy queries yet, but so far looking quite OK.

Unsurprisingly I've also enjoyed doing some documentation work and keeping things patched :)